About invisible underwear

Discover all benefits in a short video.

Classic underwear is visible more than we would like.

Our personal underwear is a part of clothing that is not intended for a wide audience. No one else should be able to see them. It is a very intimate affair, and every lady and gentleman should make sure that their "privacy" remains hidden.

If we want the underwear under the light coloured and white clothing to be avoided, it must have a body colour. If we use lingerie even in white, it will always be shining beneath a white shirt or blouse.


COVERT UNDERWEAR remains invisible even under light coloured clothes

That is why our invisible Covert Underwear has the skin colour. Real colour of the body called “skin” or “nude” is not much attractive. That may be the reason why nobody before us had the courage to make the men’s underwear t-shirts just in that colour.

Invisible underwear Covert Underwear is made so that its material remains invisible under the clothing. We use so-called hose (ie., seamless) knitting. It is very thin and so dense that when a woman has a black bra, the invisible shirt can cover it even under the white blouse.


First-class cotton and top processing

Invisible underwear Covert Underwear is made of the finest cotton. This natural material provides its users with maximum comfort. T-shirts are made of 100% cotton, 5% elastane is added to boxer shorts material. Cotton perfectly absorbs sweat, is suitable for allergy sufferers and does not tend to smell when sweating.

By using cotton, we try to return to nature. All production takes place in the Czech Republic in one place, eliminating long transport. We take care of the future of our beautiful Blue Planet.

In order to make invisible underwear Covert Underwear hidden under the clothing, it has very flat hems. The lower hems and sleeves hems of our t-shirts and vests are cut. Therefore, they are very light and do not show under thin shirts or blouses. Both neck and armholes have flat hems.


We wish the invisible underwear Covert Underwear has brought our customers the maximum comfort. That's why we use materials with the highest proportion of fine cotton in the premium quality. T-shirts and vests are made of 100% organic cotton, boxers and panties are 95% cotton and 5% elastane.