We taught men around the world to wear invisible T-shirts

Made of 100% cotton

Made in the Czech Republic

Covert was the world's first

Environmentally friendly

It soaks up sweat

Doesn't smell

Suitable for allergy sufferers

Light and soft

High durability

Year-round comfort


Unique luxurious seamless knitted fabric from 100 % organic cotton

Natural material is impossible to substitute. Same like wool, there is no adequate eqivalent to cotton. We use cotton of the highest quality. It is breathable, absorbent, antialergic and antibacterial.
It doesn´t smell even after repeted wearing. The bodies of our undershirts are seamless, because we weaeve them on special machines.

Works like your second skin

You will never be hot in undershirt Covert Underwear. Natural pure cotton keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Elastic knitted fabric fits your body perfectly and doesn´t make any folds. It keeps its shape after washing. It is like your second skin.

Cut rims

Our manufacturing process is unique. It enables all the rims to be cut. They are not visible even under the finest fabrics of shirts and blouses.

Tripple protection against damp spots

We created not only invisible undershirts but our original idea is sweat-shield undershirts. They have tripple capacity of absorbency and yet they are still breathable. Comfort of wearing is the same as with classical undershirt, but protection against damp spots is trippled.

Undershirts are longer then common undershirts

Our undershirts are longer then standard. They never slide out of your trousers.

Czech certified product

Invisible underwear is czech patent and i tis completely produced in the Czech Republic. Quality of our products is annually tested and certified by renowmed institute Hohenstein.


Partner of famous brands

Our undershirts can be found in shops of renowned brands. for example T. M. Lewin and Delor. We have partners all over Europe and in the USA.


From original idea to
Invisible Underwear

Invisible Undershirt was created by a lecturer of etiquette and image Hana Vydrova in 2007. Her clients were looking for an alternative to a white T-shirt under shirts because you can see white underwear under white and light coloured shirts.Together with Romana Pazderova she created a brand COVERT UNDERWEAR, which specializes in invisible underwear for your perfect look.
Story of Undershirt