Invisible Underwear in media

In Slovakia, invisible t-shirts are a hit!

Andreas Kreutz, the owner of the Tailor Made salon and one of our Slovak VIP partners, was invited to the Slovak Television to present invisible T-shirts on the Ladies Club show. His talk can be seen here from approximately 12 minutes. We were very pleased! 

Invisible t-shirts. Visible success.

In May, Covert Underwear owners were interviewed by the Euro magazine.

Fall in love with comfort, discover the perfection.

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Help, heat is here!

The holiday is ahead of you, or you already had it, and now you are at work. Where there is air conditioning, it still goes well, but if you have to go out on the street, the heat will almost paralyze you. The shirts are glued to the back, with sweat spots appearing in the armpit, which are unpleasant, but also very (in a nutshell) unsteady for those you meet. Here, even the most perfect antiperspirant does not help, the body just needs to cool down. And so the body is sweating.


Shirt story


When you buy an extraordinary shirt, it is worthwhile not to throw it off with an attacking body chemistry. If you have not yet found an undershirt with thin cotton, your wardrobe waits for a significant relief. When you buy it in the body colour, it will not be visible under the white shirt - just dress somewhere on the side. According to Petra it does not look sexy, but it is not relevant.

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Invisible t-shirts

The latest news of this week are invisible t-shirts to help you cover your underwear under your shirt..


The basic mistakes you make when wearing functional clothing!

The functional vest shines under the clothing. Big mistake!


Do you prefer Czech manufacturers? We have tips for Christmas presents!

Are you patriots? Do you love your native homeland, and would you like to celebrate Christmas in this way? So, give your loved ones pure Czech gifts! We have tips for beautiful things from local manufacturers!  


Christmas parties are approaching. How not to be embarrassing?

For many, corporate parties are a social necessity, for another formality and for others, a pleasant relaxation and release after months full of hustle and stress. But even when it comes to a party, it still takes place in a working context, and it is good to follow certain rules to avoid the unpleasant faux pas.   

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How works the invisible t-shirt

You already know us well enough to know that we will not get to our back from anything common. But when it happens, it is such a bomb that we will share with you immediately.


ČT1 - Sama doma

We had an amazing opportunity to present our t-Shirts at tv show Sama doma at CT 1. Share with us our joy!