Your reviews

Hello Mrs. Pazderová,
the shipment arrived, the t-shirts are simply wonderful! You're probably the only company that doesn't make them from artificial materials (I really don't understand why make an anti-sweat t-shirt that - excuse me - stinks after five minutes of wearing it??), and also the only company that includes necklines. I can finally throw away my old cotton t-shirts that I literally wore to pieces :-). I tested your t-shirts perfectly - I wore them to work every day, they got a lot of use in the daily stress, and yet they are still as good as new! And really amazing, simple and effective. Now I'm getting ready for a new job and I can't imagine it without them.

Fingers crossed for continued success, have a great time!

Ms. Vydrová, many thanks, I wish every e-shop would be at your level with both product quality and level of communication and customer service ;-). I will not only order again but will recommend to others!

Vašek Šimek

the invisible t-shirt became an inherent part of everyday clothing for me and my man. Especially for business men, I would recommend buying at least one or two or three. It's definitely worth the feeling of certainty when you find that wet spots do not just appear on your shirt - the others have stains all the way to their waist and you're dry. Great! That's what I call professionalism. I hold fists in your business. Your T-shirts are brilliant. I think everyone should wear them.

Michaela Demeterová

Recently, I've got my first invisible t-shirt, and I was instantly excited about how well it was wearing. Not only is it very comfortable, but the sweat I've fought with has no chance now and I feel a lot more confident thanks to the miraculous t-shirt I call it. I strongly recommend to any man who wants to feel great!

Miroslav Purtík

we have a dance festival in Brno the next weekend and most of your friends want to take your t-shirts and try them out. My experience with your t-shirts is great. I wear it to all the dance festivals and it works how it should :)..

Zbyněk Nedoma

My husband wears t-shirts for several years every day, he is very satisfied, he cannot go to work without it, even when he does not wear suit anymore!!!

Jana Vandírková

Dear Ms. Vydrová,
as a daily user of your t-shirts I have to say that they are brilliant and make me happy. And I recommend them on my seminars of etiquette. It's a great invention, many men and women have praised your t-shirts. You should get a Nobel Prize for this invention, but they are unfortunately not awarded in this category :-(

Ladislav Špaček
Leading expert on etiquette

Dear Ms. Vydrová  
I got your first invisible t-shirt yesterday and I am excited! So nice and comfortable material I have not worn for long. The t-shirt from you really caresses the skin :) The cotton is really very nice and I'm glad it's not with any artificial fibres. When I tried the t-shirt yesterday at home, I did not want to put it off at all :) Smooth like a spider web, my back pretty warm, no rolling up ... real treasure. I admit that I did not like it immediately after unpacking, I thought that this colour certainly cannot merge with the body colour, but now I knew how much I was wrong! The colour is perfect. Once I dressed, I immediately fell in love with it :) I just regret that I have not discovered this treasure long ago! I wear the shirts practically every day, and I always had the visible underwear under the shirt. So, I put away a lot of my shirts and I stopped buying some colours completely. Excellent are short sleeves on the t-shirt. Just recently I bought a white New Zealand Wool t-shirt from which I expected it to be made of natural material, and I could wear it under the shirts. It was natural, also had the sleeves, but at home I found that it had a smaller neckline than all my shirts, so it is totally unsuitable for this purpose. That's all I appreciate now from your t-shirts! They meet all the criteria, and without hoping for it, I've found what I've been looking for many years!

Thank you!”

Zuzana Pokorná  

I love your underwear, I cannot imagine a single day without it. I have to add that my t-shirts have solved my problem with the so-called "spots" on the shirt and then their prewashing, beause the washing machine does not work on it, but more important is that it extended life of our most loving cashmere sweaters and silk blouses. In other words, it saves our money :-)). 

Hana Romanová  

Dear Mrs Vydrová,
I would like to thank you for the telephone consultation including a quick goods and money refund. At the same time, I have to express maximum satisfaction with your product, the 4 +1 set has become an integral part of my daily wardrobe. Your t-shirts are really very comfortable and functional.

I wish a lot of successes and I cordially greet you!

Denisa Procházková  

I would just like to ask if it is possible to use softener on your invisible shirts without losing any of its features. I was involuntarily forced to use one shirt for two days in a row, and I was pleasantly surprised that virtually no smell appeared - I'm not sure if this is the cause of some fibres adjustment that could be just degraded by the fabric.

Thank you,
David Svoboda

Dear Mr. Svoboda,
The fibres are not edited, it is actually the best quality cotton available on the market. Personally, I also found this feature when I used t-shirts for cross-country skiing. I think it is just the effect of simplicity - natural fibres do not tend to smell. It's only the manufacturers of artificial fibres constantly inventing new modifications to add bamboo, silver and I do not know what else, so prices rise and the customer pays. We just went back to nature and the effect came on its own. We already have customers who tell us that t-shirts are used for sports too. As far as maintenance is concerned, my t-shirt is almost five years old, I add a small amount of fabric softener to the machine and it does not do anything with the t-shirts. So, do not worry, they're really tough.

Kind Regards, Hana Vydrová

I originally refused to buy the t-shirt because I did not like its look. I just was not attracted. But then I tried a t-shirt at one shirt vendor and since then I've been wearing it all the time. I have two weekly sets, and I cannot imagine wearing a shirt without an invisible t-shirt under it. It's incredibly nice, basically I feel like I do not wear anything.

Thank you for this idea and wish you a lot of luck.

Tomáš Linhart
Public sector sales director, Vodafone Czech Republic

Dear Ms. Vydrová,
I have to tell you that your t-shirts are really great!  

Many thanks.

Zdeněk Fučík  
Owner and general director, Procom Bohemia s.r.o. – Geminox  

Dear Ms. Vydrová,
I have received a T-shirt I've been waiting for all my life. I am so pleased with him that I must write to you immediately. Also, your short message on your invoice is also very pleasant. I will enjoy the T-shirt with pleasure and almost daily. I'm very much looking forward to the fact that I can finally wear woolen sweaters with V neckline and instead of a shirt have only scarf.

Wishing you a lot of success, and let all your dreams come true.

Hana Strnadová

I would like to thank you for your outstanding product. I would never wear my shirt without having my invisible t-shirt underneath. I'll suggest you wherever I go.


Jakub Kadlec

Dear Ms Vydrová,
Your idea with body t-shirts filled a big "hole" on the market. We are extremely happy with my husband that we can wear your comfortable and totally invisible t-shirts. It perfectly fulfils both a practical and aesthetic function. This year, our older son, who wore it on his dance lessons, was also pleased.

Thank you and have a nice day!

Magdaléna Březinová

Dear Ms Vydrová,
I met you before Christmas and I bought your invisible and high quality T-shirts as gifts and for myself. I thought I would not use T-shirts, but I wear them on country and Greek dance lessons and other times, always under the blouse, and I'm very and very happy with them. Thank you very much for them

Eva Jablonská

Yesterday I bought one of your invisible T-shirts in Pilsen and I tried it today. I sweat a lot, especially when I have to be all day in a suit in the summer. To my surprise, your T-shirt works. Today it has prevented sweating my shirt (and jacket lining, which I've done in the past a few times "..."). So, congratulations, you're producing a thing that works, which is not quite common today.

Václav Mach

Congratulations on the good idea, the t-shirts are perfect. They do their job and they really cannot be seen. I think you will succeed on the market!

Jan Baudys