Our story by our eyes

Hanka’s part of the story

I met Romana as a high-ranking business director. I trained her subordinates and we liked each other approach. Sometimes we sat down on coffee and talked about things other than work. We just become friends. At that time, I had invisible T-shirts on the market, but I saw that I do not have the talent to start selling and marketing. So, one day, we got the idea of ​​getting together and complementing each other. Everyone knows something else. Romana hesitated for a moment, she was a businesswoman, and she had to consider whether this business was a hope for success. When she said yes, I was very happy. And the development of our joint venture today shows that it was a very lucky connection.

Romana’s part of the story

Hanka caught my attention a few years ago when she managed to attract my fierce merchants by her inconspicuous and cultivated way. When we started to be friends, I knew she was a great visionary, whose crazy ideas would eventually prove to be brilliant. She can look at things from the side of user and project it into the final product form. So, when the proposal for cooperation come, I was very pleased. And finally, although I worked in a very interesting position, I decided to leave and combine forces with Hanka. And together we are going well.