The story of our t-shirts

Covert Underwear invisible men’s t-shirts were the first in the world! Did you know it? And how does that happen?

Hana Vydrová, the author of the t-shirts says:

I was inspired by my clients and the participants of Topstyle etiquette courses who focused on their professional image. They asked what to wear under shirts.

I recommended vests.

Participants objected that vests don't cover chest hair and the straps show through the shirt. Plus, they don't prevent armpit damp patches.

I come immediately with another advice to wear t-shirts. One man took off his jacket and showed he had a t-shirt. Sleeves were visible through the shirt. The t-shirt was white.

I explained that the underwear should have body colour in order to be invisible under the white or light-coloured shirts.

They told me they are impossible to buy such t-shirts, they are not on the market.

I could not believe it so I searched for them in both shops and e-shops but never found any. That is why I got registered the utility model of the t-shirts and started to find somebody who could buy this idea from me and who can produce the t-shirts. All addressed partners were very sceptic due to low attractiveness of the body colour and they told me that nobody would wear such a thing. So, I decided to start by myself.

And that was the beginning of the successful launch of invisible t-shirts on the market.