Invisible men’s vest 4+1

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Make yourself comfortable for the whole week. For the price of 4 you will get 5 vests.

The men's vest under a shirt is created for men who prefer underwear without sleeves. The perfect invisibility of the vest is ensured also by the material treatment. The vest has totally flat hems which do not show through even the finest materials. Perfectly absorbs sweat and prevents damp patches on shirts.

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Choose the right size!

The easiest way to choose the right size of the vest is to order it one size smaller than your regular size. If you wear regularly M (50), order S (48), if you wear XL (54), do not be afraid to order L (52) etc. We have special slim size S Slim (46) for very slim men. This vest has the same length as regular S (46), but is narrower in sleeves and body.

Please see the comparison of the sizes marked with letters and numbers.

International size S Slim S     M     L     XL    XXL  
Clothing size 46 48 50 52 54 56

Do not be afraid that the vest will be tight. It should fit the body, but thanks to unbelievably soft and pleasant fabric, it will certainly not matter to you. You will feel like you do not wear anything at all.

The same is with the proper length. All sizes are extraordinarily long comparing to common underwear, so even our tallest customer (202 cm) is satisfied!

Examples of satisfied customers:

175 cm/70 kg - suits size  S Slim
185 cm/78 kg - suits size  S
192 cm/82 kg - suits size  M
180 cm/95 kg - suits size  M
182 cm/105 kg - suits size  L
185 cm/115 kg - suits size  XL
202 cm/110 kg - suits size XL
190 cm/125 kg - suits size  XXL
185 cm/135 kg - suits size  XXL

All men taller than 200 cm who are not perfectly slim can have vest in size XXL and it will be long enough.