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The invisible women's t-shirt under a shirt, blouse and sweater will ensure that a bra of any color will not show through under your outerwear. The variant with sleeves also works against sweating. The T-shirt will catch sweat and protect your outerwear from wet stains.

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What can you rely on the Covert invisible t-shirt for?

A great cut that is designed to always look perfect, whether you wear a white blouse or a lace sweater. The front neckline allows you to wear the blouse unbuttoned as if you were only wearing a bra. The t-shirt also has a plunging neckline at the back, so you can have a top sweater that doesn't quite reach the neck. The sleeves protect the armpits from sweating, so you don't have to wash the outerwear after one wear. You only need to change your T-shirt every day and, for example, a woolen sweater, which is difficult to maintain and must be washed by hand, can withstand several wears without washing.

It is suitable at every time - under formal and informal blouses and sweaters for work, but you can also use it for sports and free time as a functional T-shirt. Its huge advantage is that it does not smell even when you sweat heavily, and you can use it again after drying. You will definitely appreciate it during a mountain hike where there is no possibility to wash.

Body color is precisely the color that is not distinguishable from the skin under clothing. It's not pretty, but just this shade is perfectly invisible.

Invisibility is ensured by a unique processing. The rims of the t-shirt are cut, the hems are flat. They don't show up even under the thinnest outerwear. No other vest or t-shirt on the market has this element – ​​they always have folded and stitched hems that are thick and visible under clothing.

We use a seamless, soft knit that feels like a second skin. We knit seamless "tubes" that form the body of the t-shirt. The knit is very soft and flexible at the same time, so you'll feel like you're wearing nothing.

In order to make such a fine knit, we have to use only the highest quality premium cotton that does not pill, and despite its fineness, our knit will last a long time.

You can wear the Covert t-shirt all year round! Because it is made of 100% natural cotton, it is warm in winter and cool in summer, just like wool.

The Covert t-shirt is long. Our cut is longer than usual. The vest will not sag and will keep your back nice and warm.

The blouse will not stick to your back. 100 % cotton perfectly absorbs sweat and does not let it into the top layer.

The Covert t-shirt is very breathable, so you won't sweat more than normal. That's the problem with other products that don't let sweat through at the expense of their breathability, and you feel like you're wearing a raincoat.

The Covert t-shirt does not smell even after repeated wear. What is the magic? In that it is a 100% natural material. It is naturally antibacterial just like wool or wood. That's why we don't have to fill the fiber with any chemical to combat the smell, and even allergy sufferers can be worry-free.

The Covert t-shirt meets the requirements for ecological production. We are not indifferent to the fate of our Earth. Learn more here.

The Covert t-shirt is completely manufactured in the Czech Republic. Learn more here.