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Covert Underwear invisible t-shirts:

  • Were the first in the world. Since 2007 it is registered as a utility model

  • Prevents from the wet stains on the shirt. The classic t-shirt has short sleeves that eliminate wet stains in the armpit, contrary to a vest. For those who sweat a lot, we have “sweat shield” t-shirt with double fabric in the armpit. And men who do not like the sleeves can choose our vest. 

  • They are completely invisible because of their body colour. 

  • Even the hems are not visible because they are completely flat and not sewn.

  • When the neck shirt button is opened, the neckline of the t-shirt is not visible because it has a “V” neckline

  • T-shirt material is extremely comfortable. Especially men are enthusiastic because this material is commonly used only for the production of ladies’ lingerie. The t-shirt completely adheres the body and at the same time it is so delicate that you feel like you do not wear any.

  • It is a completely natural material (100% cotton, only 1% elastane at the edges). The shirt absorbs sweat, yet it does not tend to smell

  • The material is so thin and comfortable that many men buy this shirt especially for hot summer days – it is not hot in it. 

  • Throughout the lifetime of invisible t-shirts, when tens of thousands were sold, we had five complaints. The quality of the t-shirts is great.

  • It is an original Czech product. We are proud that it is produced in our country. This is, we believe, a guarantee of high quality. 

  • Ladies t-shirts are also suitable under thin sweaters that are commonly worn on the body – it is not necessary to wash the sweater every time you wear it, just change the t-shirt. It is especially pleasant with woollen sweaters that need to be washed manually.

  • The vest is suitable for occasions when the woman wants to cover up her underwear first. The t-shirt is also able to cover the black bra so it is not visible under the light-coloured or white blouse. 

  • The neckline of the ladies’ t-shirts and vests is designed to accurately copy the bra, so the t-shirt can be worn even under a larger neckline or under a more open blouse and still cannot be seen.